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July 15 2021
Bit late, I know, but here's a new story update in the main page. Test page arly-access update coming also in the next couple of days.


July 4 2021
New story update here in the main page AND another in the early-access test page where I finally start to reveal what this story is all about. If you are reading, thank you for being patient! A new story update is scheduled for next Sunday 11. See you then!


July 1 2021
Another item in my to do list: Updating my Spider Forest membership. I was behind schedule but it's fixed now and the site is ready to resume appearing in the S.F.'s rooster, hopefully. Now I can focus on the next step: July 4th's story update on both the main and dev pages.


June 25 2021
The Patreon-exclusive development page is finally back functioning! That's another bottleneck scratched off the list.


June 20 2021
Fingers crossed... Also, small story update on the main page.


May 30 2021
Story update both in the main page and in the dev page. The dev page is still accesible to all, but I am very close to finishing the patreon API integration and make it again accessible to patrons only, so you'd better visit it while you still can ;)



May 2 2021
After some unexpectedly grueling days of coding, the test page is finally online. All this coding process has become infuriatingly slow lately, but I think it will be worth it in the end as each new version of the page is better structured and able to handle more new actions. Currently the page isn't yet connected to Patreon but the code that loads the early access pages is fully functional, which means that for a while anybody can peek at the early access content. All you have to do is go to the test page and click on the Patreon logo. Check it out. It won't last long, hopefully.



April 19 2021
So, what I've been up to: As the conclusion of the current story nears there's some pretty complicated pages that still need to be drawn. I was stuck solving two particulary action-filled pages. It took me far longer than it should have, but the sketching is done and the pages are finaly being inked, so scratch that off the list. And yes, there will be action! action image Next you'll notice that the page navigation buttons and menus are now included in the language-toggle feature. Try it!. If you are a French speaker or a Spanish speaker, let me know what you think.
Next, there's a story update on the main page. I've been slow updating because I have been stuck on the new pages and I am hesitant to lose the small page buffer I have now, but hopefully, as stated above, some of the hardest pages are already solved and I can re-stock my page buffer again.
So that's what's new on the page. What comes next:
You might have noticed that there's not much activity on the patreon. Beside the delay on new pages there's also the problem that when I updated the page, the code that gave access to the test page stopped working, which is a good thing since it was my first attempt and hence full of bad code practices and security holes. I have been improving my very slim knowledge of auth, so the next item on the list is to create a new auth app and reconnect it to the Patreon API. Actually I wanted to have that done months ago, but remember, I do everything here alone, and every step takes time, so now I see that the chronogram that I had last year was overly optimistic. Still things move on.
There's more on the to-do list, much more but I don't want to bore you with it. What I can pledge now is to update this panel more often with news and tidbits of behind-the-scenes info so that even when there's not an actual story update you can find some content here and not have to endure long stretches of radio silence. Believe me, I hate those too. Going back to drawing. See you soon.



March 28 2021
A month behind schedule but finally I have updated the site's code to a new version. There's still lots of details to finish and many features not yet online but the basics are now up and running. Some stuff you might not notice right away. For example the new back-end code allows for faster and easier maintenance and development of the complex comics I want to do. Among the stuff that you might notice: Now there's a language option! You can toggle between French and Spanish versions of the comic. So far only the beggining of the first story's been translated, but it will grow (It will grow even faster if you voice your support ;) ). Also there's this announcement panel. Just click on it and it will go away, click the right border of the screen and it will come back. I have much more to tell but I'd better go back at coding and drawing so the the rest of the site features can go back online as soon as possible. In the mean time we have a new page story update too. See you soon!