3 A Night at the Qool Quasar
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March 28 2021

A month behind schedule but finally I have updated the site's code. It's not yet anywhere near a final version, there's still lots of details to finish and many features not yet online but the basics are now up and running. Some stuff you might not notice right away. For example the new back-end code allows for faster and easier maintenance and development of the complex comics I want to do. Among the stuff that you might notice: Now there's a language option! You can toggle between French and Spanish versions of the comic. So far only the beginning of the first story's been translated, but it will grow (It will grow even faster if you voice your support ;) ). And the toggling between languages, and between effects/no effects versions no longer require the page to reload. Also there's this announcement panel. Just click on it and it will go away, click the right border of the screen and it will come back. I have much more to tell but I have to go back to coding and drawing so the the rest of the site features can go back online as soon as possible. In the mean time we have a new page story update too. See you soon!